Abba's Heart

The heart of the Father, Abba, is to dwell in an intimate relationship with every individual.  That means you!

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Sunday Service
10 am


Bible Study
Wednesday Nights @ 6:30 pm


Monday, Thursday & Friday 2pm – 4pm
Tuesday 11am – 1pm


1038 Charlottes Court
Pigeon Forge, TN 37863

Abba's Place Giving

At Abba’s Place you can give your tithes and/or offerings through the offering baskets during service or use our convenient online app.

Abba’s Places wishes you Merry Christmas 2021

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The Old Watchman – Greetings

 I offer greetings and salutations in the Name of our Lord Jesus! I extend to each of you the highest regards and courtesy while knowing that I am not worthy to tie your shoe laces! Who am I? I am The Old Watchman. That’s what I am. A Watchman. What is a Watchman? A...


1 Corinthians 2 ;1   "Dear Brethren, when i came to you ,did not come with excellence of speech or of wisdom declaring to you the testimony of God.  v 2 ; For l was determined  not to anything among you ,''except Jesus Christ and Him crucified.' 'v 3 ; l was with you...


I want to share the importance of studying the greatest book on this earth, the Bible.  We will be blessed as we study the books in the bible as to how it enlightens our understanding and helps us on this spiritual journey. 1 Corinthians 1 ;21; ''For God in his wisdom...


I have been doing teachings on the book of Corinthians with our Global church, and due to requests from some locally ,l am going to share the studies with you. In the last study Paul wrote to the church at Corinth ,about the preaching of the gospel is foolishness to...

09-09-2021 Newsletter

We want to thank and praise God for His Mercy, Goodness and Grace. This is a month of celebration for all of us at Abba's place and thank you for all your prayer, support and ministry. God is so Good ,He has led us by cloud at  day and protected us in times of...

08-13-2021 Tough Times

Many of our leaders are going through very tough times and are discouraged by the slow pace of growth in their local churches.  Studying the book of Corinthians helps us to understand  and identify with Apostle Paul ,in the struggles he had faced in Corinth ,that when...

Swaziland, South Africa Needs Your Prayers

The country of Swaziland which borders on South Africa is in desperate need of prayer. Our foreign missionaries cannot leave the country, all electronic information from the country has been shut off and very little information is trickling in ,we are not able to...


Where the working of miracles is at work, it can only be done in faith and when these two gifts are joined and operate together, they can move mountains that is naturally impossible to move. Gifts of the Spirit in most cases operate as twins and working of miracles...

God Has An Opportunity In Your Adversity

[1] Obedience always requires sacrifice...”Obey me and l will be your God and things shall go well with thee.” Jeremiah 7:23 [2] Fasting and prayer... Joel 2:12 ''Return to the LORD your God for He is Gracious and Merciful.” [3[ Persistence will Produce...